CITY BOSS is a city water pressure booster system utilizing the MASCONTROL® pump controller and a single-stage pressure booster pump. The pump controller monitors both flow and pressure, controlling the operation of the pump automatically. The system maintains constant boosted water pressure during operation. No pressure tank or switch is required. No adjustment or maintenance is needed.




MASCONTROL hydraulic/electronic pump controller.

Heavy-duty cast-iron booster pump fitted with thermoplastic impeller and  diffuser designed for quiet operation.  Single-phase capacitor start, open drip-proof motor with 14/3 SJTW cord set attached. Pipe fittings to connect pump controller to pump (required for system 1-SK75BOSS125 only).



System maintains constant water pressure during operation.

Dual voltage 115V or 230V.

1 1/4" FNPT pump inlet (can be connected to minimum 3/4" pipe size city pressure supply).

Controller shuts off the pump in event of water failing to reach the pump inlet.

Controller starts and stops the pump when tap is opened and closed (optional small pressure tank for small uses such as ice makers, glasses of water, etc., may be used. Consult installation manual or contact factory).

Assists in absorbing water hammer.

Built-in backflow preventer and short-cycle protection.

City Water Pressure Booster System