American Tank Company's doorway tank has been specifically designed with residential and commercial applications in mind.

The dimensions of this tank allow it to fit through a conventional doorway, providing the flexibility of additional storage capacity well after original construction has been completed.

One piece and molded from tough linear polyethylene for maximum strength with no joints or seams to leak or cause problems, it will not rust, chip, peel or corrode.

The Doorway tank comes with 16" Man way and 1-1/4" Outlet. You can easily manifold multiple doorway tanks together for increased storage capacity.

American Tank Company supports the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty dependant on the chemical compatibility of the intended contents with the tank, tank fitting, and fitting gasket materials.

Due to the nature of the rotational molding process, dimensions may vary from what is published and shown on the referenced drawings.

During the delivery process, tanks can pass between several docks and trucks on their way from the factory to the customer. Though not a guarantee, tank wrap “helps” to protect the tanks from getting scuffed and dirty. The best way to avoid cosmetic damage is to set up a will call at the factory and personally handle the tanks yourself.

Polyethylene Doorway Tanks