The Dark Green Rain Barrel - 60 Gallons is designed out of sturdy material that will allow you years of service collecting and preserving nature's best water. This great rain barrel is engineered, designed, and molded to be a cut above the rest! No longer will you have to stress about keeping your garden and grass green during a drought. This rain barrel will catch and store up to 60 gallons of naturally soft and nutritious rainwater to be used whenever it is needed.

This rain barrel features durable molded walls with fluted ribs that give this barrel extra strength in storing your rainwater. There is a heavy duty concave lid that channels flowing water into the barrel so that you can easily attach this barrel to any size or type of downspout. The removable lid opens over two feet wide for easy cleaning of the lid and barrel. The extra size of the opening allows you to be able to dip your watering bucket into the water for fast and easy access. This lid can also easily be secured to keep your small children, pets, and other critters out of your barrel. The uniquely designed turned down top edge allows you to securely anchor the lid and it also reinforces the entire construction of the barrel. The entry area where the water flows into the barrel has a screen on it that keeps gutter grime and errant leaves or twigs from invading your stored water. The dark green color of this barrel is perfect for keeping mold and algae growth to a minimum. Many home owner associations prefer a dark green barrel added to the landscaping because it not only reduces the strain on the local water source but it looks good too.

There are two 1/2" thick metal overflow ports that are molded directly into the barrel that accommodate standard garden hoses or soaker hoses. These hoses can be attached to direct any excess water from the barrel away from the foundation of your house or building during a large rain event. Every fitting on the rain barrel is designed to hook directly to any standard garden hose fittings and if they become damaged, they can easily be replaced. There is a solid brass faucet located about four inches above the bottom of the barrel, this allows for more water pressure at the faucet, which will give you better service in your watering needs.

The Dark Green Rain Barrel allows you to catch and store up to 60 gallons of rainwater. This amount of water will help you to save money on your water bills through the growing season. You will enjoy reduced water bills and lush green landscaping through the dry season when you add this great looking, sturdy barrel to your outdoor garden areas.