The Aquadra Systemsí 75 gallon modular rainwater collection tank was made with the consumer in mind.

Itís big enough for just about any water use, but it is also designed to keep a low impact on your houseís

appearance. The only difficult aspect of this system is deciding which of the seven available colors will

best serve your aesthetic need! When you receive the Aquadra 75g Tank, it comes with a kit to mount the

†unit to your house and a hose adapter. The mounting kit allows you to bolt and secure the tank to the side

of the house with two securing bolts. Once the tank is securely in place the tank can withstand any

weather condition. The outside of the house is not the only place to secure the unit. There are many other

†options like along the fence or inside the garage. The possibilities are endless.


Length: 12inches
Width: 24 inches
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 50 lb (empty)
Storage: 75 Gallons