The overflow device is connected to the overflow pipe within the storage container. The device can prevent the entry of drain odors from the storm drain into the storage container, provides backflow protection, and removes surface debris through a skimming effect.

rh9530dok Multi functional Overflow Device9530DOK Multi-Functional Overflow Device

ABS plastic that eliminates drain odors in the storage tank, provides vermin and backflow protection, and skims surface debris. Comes with support strut, clamp, and fits 4 inch overflow piping.

Function: The Multi-functional overflow device is made of impact-resistant




Sensor level indicator shows the water level in the storage tank using a wireless device. This device transmits an ultrasonic sound wave that echoes back from the fluid surface. That echo is converted to a depth and displayed on the indoor bench unit indicating the depth of the water in the storage tank.

RH9535OLI Sensor Type STorage Tank Level INdicator

Function: Wireless sensor that gives remote tank level readings. Sensor has an operating range of up to 1,640 feet. The maximum detection range is 13 feet. Sensor and bench unit operate on four “AA” batteries.


Designed to treat rainwater for potable uses.

RH9550PK – Purification Kit Designed to treat rainwater for potable uses for residential and small office applications.

RH9550PK – Purification Kit (Optional Component for Packages 4, 5, 6 and 7) To purchase, the Purification Kit must be approved by a licensed plumbing engineer.


Function: Treats rainwater for potable uses. Kit includes 20” filter housing (2), 1 string wound micron sediment filter, carbon filter for odor and taste, mounting brackets (2), filter wrench (2), and 15 g.p.m. ultraviolet light.




To control water level or feed.

1 Horsepower Suction/Booster Pump

(Specify 115 or 220 volts, single phase) –  a complete unit includes a pump, motor, diaphragm tank, pressure and flow sensor, control and check valve for residential applications. The controller ensures that the pump starts automatically when water is consumed and stops automatically when the consumption ceases.


Operating specification for booster pump


System Pressure – Max. 109 psi (7.5 bar)

Inlet Pressure – Max. 44 psi (3 bar)

Suction Lift – Max. 26 ft.

Liquid Temperature – 32ΊF to 95 ΊF

Ambient Temperature – 32ΊF to 113 ΊF



To control water level or feed.

RH9542FSO – Dry Run Protection, Normally Open (N/O)

RH9542FSO – Dry Run Protection, Normally Open (N/O)


Function: To turn off pump at low water level. Float switch to be fixed on the inlet pipe or submersible pump. The float switch starts the pump at minimum level in the storage container or cistern. Float switch comes with switch level and float housing of polyethylene with flexible cable. (Switch level is defined as the exact switch points where the water does not go below set level of 1.5 inches).

RH9542FSC – Water Feed, Normally Closed (N/C)

RH9542FSC – Back-up Water Feed, Normally Closed (N/C)


Function: To control normally closed solenoid valve for second source water feed. Float switch to be fixed on the inlet pipe or submersible pump. Float switch comes with switch level and float housing of polyethylene with flexible cable. (Switch level is defined as the exact switch point where the water level rises to desired level).

RH9532 Floating FilterRH9532 Floating FilterRH9532 Floating FilterRH9532 Floating Filter


Storage tanks for the harvested rainwater make stored rainwater available when needed. Storage tanks reduce stormwater runoff into local waterways, save money by reducing dependence on municipal water sources, and make water available in times of drought. Depending on the space available these tanks can be constructed above grade, partly underground, or below grade. The polyethylene tanks are the most common for smaller systems. Fiberglass and steel tanks are commonly used for larger systems. To prevent agitation of sediment, to transport rainwater for reuse, and to maintain rainwater levels within a storage tank, pumps, filters, and/or overflow devices may be needed. Storage tanks can be connected in a series for increased storage needs.


Smoothing Inlet

The Smoothing Inlet is used to prevent the agitation of sediment at the rainwater inlet into the storage tank. It also helps aerate the water as the rainwater enters the tank.

Storage Tank Floating Filters and Hoses

The floating filter is used to extract and filter rainwater out of the storage tank or pond.

The filter allows for the extraction of the highest quality water.

Function: The filter housing and mesh fabric are made of stainless steel. The coarse filter with 1200 micron mesh and the fine filter with 300 micron inch mesh can be used with both submersible and suction pumps and come complete with 1-1/4” or 2” connection and hose. Floating ball is made of ecologically harmless polyethylene.

Function: An all stainless steel device that fits on a 4” or 8” inlet pipe.