The Original Rainwater Pillow is a horizontal rainwater storage system designed to be placed in your crawl space or under a deck or porch. Pillow sizes from 1,000 to 40,000 gallons. Fully automated kit includes filters, pillow, pump, remote control, ground fault protector, and all fittings. Collected water can be used for all outdoor non-potable use. Perfect application for drip irrigation system or sprinkler system

We offer standard size kits but can custom manufacture any size pillow to fit your unobstructed space.

Please keep in mind that space required for the Original Rainwater Pillow must be unobstructed by poles, supports, pipes, etc.

Material Specifications:

Reinforced Polymer alloy (polyester scrim coated on both sides with PVC polymer)
Fabric weight 6.5 oz sq yard
Total weight 30 oz sq yard
Breaking Strength 550 lbs per inch
Tear 80 lbs
Adhesion 35 lbs/inch
Abrasion resistance >2000 cycles
Low Temperature 30 F
High Temperature +160
Radio frequency welded seams


Rainwater Pillow Kit