Local governments are considering financial incentives programs to help offset the cost to install rainwater harvesting systems.  These incentives would make installing a complete rainwater harvesting system even more rewarding.





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	Currently, Rain Concepts is in pursuance of having  city, county and local government take a hard look considering “Financial Incentives” That can be offered to consumers and business. This Financial Incentives would encourage interest and help stimulate installers of rainwater harvesting systems.



Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts and stores rainwater for later use . With proper planning and design , your system can be built to capture up to 100% of the surface area rainwater.  Flowtite fiberglass tanks can store wastewater, rainwater, stormwater, even potable drinking water. The tanks can also be fit with filtering components to separate oil and other contaminants, so the water collected can be reused for landscaping and other applications.

Urban development introduces impervious surfaces to an environment, which prevent stormwater from soaking into the ground. Common impervious surfaces include parking lots, highways, rooftops, etc. These surfaces cause runoff water to funnel through waterways and out of the city too quickly to be absorbed naturally. The result is a unique situation where areas with average rainfall suffer from flooding during normal rains and unnecessary drought conditions during expected dry periods. The solution of course is to collect and store the flooding water for drier times.

Collecting stormwater often begins with storm drains built directly into streets and parking lots.

CSI manufactures Flowtite® fiberglass tanks according to NSF 61 and AWWA standards for potable water storage. Because of their lightweight design, Flowtite tanks are easy to transport and easy to install making them popular in remote areas where a dependable, drinkable water source is critical. Fiberglass tanks can be manufactured to store potable water directly without liners or bladders common in both steel and concrete tanks.  According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the water on Earth is readily available for human use and consumption.

Watertight Flowtite® tanks, from Containment Solutions, can be custom built for any fire protection system. We understand the requirements of free protection systems, and manufacture our tanks to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

By providing a dedicated source of water required by local codes in residential development, CSI fiberglass tanks are a preferred way to have access to large volumes of water. The tank provides unseen protection for the residents, yet is easily accessible for fire and municipal vehicles. Flowtite tanks are also used for commercial fire protection due to the inherent water tight properties of fiberglass and the large volume capacities.